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Solar & Renewable Technologies.

Why Solar Now?

The cost of electricity has consistently risen for over 40 years, with a 40% increase in the last decade alone. History is indicating that homeowners who take no action to free themselves from grid dependence are going to continue to pay more for electricity next year than they are today.

Going solar is the single biggest impact anybody can make when it comes to doing their part for the environment, and it is my passion to help co-ordinate any project at no cost upfront.

  • Save thousands on your energy bills
  • Make Money While helping The planet

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World Wide Expense Reduction Advisors (WWERA) specializes in Expense Management and Tax Benefits helping increase cash flow and improve employee retention while protecting organizations from a financial disaster. Discover savings that you never knew existed. With no upfront cost, one of our industry specific trusted advisors will run a free analysis to show you what type of savings or solutions are available for your organization. Big or small, we more than likely have a solution for you!

  • Expense Management 
  • Tax Benefits
  • Risk Management

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Bennett empowers you to eliminate obstacles, gain clarity, set goals and holds you accountable

Solar Panels

My personal mission is to further the advancement of renewable technologies.

Expense Reduction

Different ways you can save money in the commercial environment. Cause, who doesn't like saving money?

Bennett's Collumn

Sometimes I think there is a lot more that could be said about the state of things.

Sales and Marketing

Tips on Sales and Marketing in 2017. Yes, doorknockcing still works.

Wellness Goals

Bennett empowers you to eliminate obstacles, gain clarity, set goals and reach potentials.

Music and Events

I've been known to dabble in musical instruments, and who doesn't like a good show?

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Bennett has been helping businesses increase cash flow and retain sustainability of the work environment through proprietary solutions in solar, water, energy, and more. There is almost no area where he  can’t save you money.

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RT @Dimanc59: RT this! Because for every retweet @realDonaldTrump will die a little on the inside! You know this kills him!
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Tesla gets green light to create the world’s largest virtual solar plant in South Australia
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Google really wants you to get some solar panels #future #paneltheplanet #power #solar #read #climatechange

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