Pull The Plug and Say Goodbye To Cable & Hello to BTVi3

Pull The Plug and Say Goodbye To Cable & Hello to BTVi3

BTVi3 Demo Video

Hey there everybody, I just want to take some time to show you my latest product offering. Just like everything else, it has some disruptive capabilities. But this time, instead of Solar and renewables. It’s a device that will completely change the way you look at the way you currently get your content. But it’s not totally left field, it’s still another cost saving device for residences.

The reason that I’ve decided on this particular “box” is for the unparalleled streaming experience, and the customer experience.

Personally, I would always pay a bit extra to have the best product and the best customer servsice. I learned that selling Cutco.

Legacy Direct is a new company specializing in “streaming media” and entertainment. It provides live TV, 300,000+ Movies, 2,000+ TV Episodes, 50,000+ Radio Stations, 9,000 Video Games, Your Favorite Apps, Educational +


Spiritual +News + Foreign Channels and so much more. WiFi Compatible and beats Firestick, Roku, Apple TV and Cable/Direct TV all combined. No monthly fee, no set up fee Live Sports, NFL, NHL, NBA, College Sports, MLB.

One time fee eliminates your need for paying for content month to month through traditional Cable, Netflix, Hulu, or HBO subscriptions.

Optional $20/month to remove ads and add additional content.

I’m looking for distributors who understand that this is the future and are sick of paying for high cable bills and also understand why people don’t have to pay for these services anymore! Investment of less than $500 to get set up and trained.

http://bennett.legacyretail.direct/ Check us out here!

*option for full time residential direct sales position 4 hours work per day 4pm-8pm = 2 deals = make up to $240-$500 per day.

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